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I breed all sizes from Micro Schnauzers (under 4 Lbs), Tea cup Schnauzers (under 7 Lbs.), Toy Schnauzers
(under 12 Lbs.
) to Miniature Schnauzers (over 12 Lbs. up to 20 Lbs.) to fit your needs.  If you have children or
live in the country we suggest getting a Miniature Schnauzer.  Birds of prey can be a problem for the smaller
dogs, but not your Miniature Schnauzer.  Your Miniature Schnauzer can stand up to rough play for hours on end
with your children.  If you are elderly or in a wheel chair and have a difficult time leaning over to pick up your
dog we suggest a Toy Schnauzer.  They are light enough to be easy to pick up and can still jump up and down
on the furniture or your lap.  If you are young or middle age a Tea Cup Schnauzer is perfect.  You can train
them to hide in your purse and go every where undetected.  You don't have to walk them.  Just put a pee pad
down, newspaper or human bed protectors for them to relieve themselves on.  If you live in the country it is
advisable to keep the smaller dogs inside the house.  Birds of prey can and have killed many a tiny dog.