Male Schnauzers are affectionate, attentive, rarely moody, steadfast, accepting about anything for a hug and a kiss.  
They are more likely to stay puppy like throughout their lives.  If you want a wonderful companion for your children, you
want a boy.  The boys can play rough and tumble for hours.  At the end of the day they are content to just lie close to
their loved ones.  They are easy going by nature.  The girls rule them.  They rarely hump and are less likely to mark their
territory than the girls are, if neutered.  The girls are more aggressive, dominate, stubborn and territorial.  One day you
can't get your girl away from your side.  The next day she doesn't want to have any thing to do with you.  She is less
likely to want to play with the children or put up with their rough play.  She is much more reserved.  They are more apt
to  hump in your home than the boys are.  This can be quite embarrassing in front of company and your children.  If a
fight should happen between dogs you can almost always count on the females starting something between each other.  
The boys are much sweeter and passive.
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