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Low blood sugar can cause listlessness, depression, muscular weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors,
convulsions, coma and even death in your puppy.

Low blood sugar usually happens in toy breeds between the ages of 1 month and 3 months of age.  Many
times their little livers don't develop as fast as their bodies do.  Therefor the liver cannot produce enough
sugar to sustain their bodies.  It can be brought on by infrequent feedings, missed meals, stress, new
home (stress), shipping (stress) or too much playing without frequent meals.  Play time (expended
energy), digestive upset and chills.  All of these things add a strain on the energy reserves of your tiny
puppy's liver, if the puppy is susceptible.

To prevent these problems you should feed your puppy at least four times a day and leave food with them
over night.  We always leave a high quality canned dog food along with the dry food.  We use Exclusive
Puppy Food.  They have the smalles size kibblesin their dried dog food we can find.  Make sure your puppy
is able to eat dry dog food.  You may have to give them a quality canned dog food until they are a little
older.  If you are unable to do this, you may leave the food down around the clock.  If your puppy is going
to be put through a lot of stress such as shipping or going to a new home it would be wise to feed them
prior to these things and keep food in front of them during these times.  Many reputable breeders will not
allow you to take a tiny puppy home before it is three months of age in fear that a puppy might get low
blood sugar.

If your puppy ever displays any of these symptoms, you should give it Karo Syrup or honey immediately.  
Your puppy should improve within thirty minutes.  However, if your puppy does become unconscious you
must take him or her to the veterinarian immediately.  Your veterinarian will probably put your puppy on
iv's.  Repeated episodes of low blood sugar can result in permanent brain damage.  If you have a puppy
prone to low blood sugar you may consider putting a small amount of Karo Syrup or sugar in pasta added
to their food.  Make sure that they are eating the food along with the pasta  Remember that any kind of
sugar is a quick release and therefore their blood sugar levels can drop quickly.  This is why we use
pasta along with the sugar or Karo Syrup.  If you don't have Karo Syrup you can mix 3/4 sugar to 1/4 water
and boil until you have a syrup.  Cool this mixture down and use it in an emergency.  Rice is much more
difficult for their tiny bodies to digest.  Many times you find whole grains of rice in their stools.  
Therefore, we don't use rice.

Hopefully, you will never have any of these problems. We have heard of many such instances from other
breeders and owners.  Please feed your puppy frequently or leave his or her food down all the time until
they are three months of age.

May you and your new puppy have many happy years together.