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Tom & Jeanette,

Thank you so much for being available when we've needed you to answer questions or
give information and advice for us and Roxy.   She is a beautiful dog and we are enjoying
her so much!  When the time is right, and we consider adding another member to our
family, we will indeed be dialing you to see if you have another of Snowman's puppies
available!  Take care and keep in touch......


PS.  Please feel free to use any of the pictures we've sent of Roxy on your website, we
would be honored!

We purchased a puppy from Little Friends and were very pleased at how helpful and kind
Jeanette and Tom were. They took the time to tell us everything we wanted to know about
the breed, temperament, background of the parents and more. Later we became good
friends and eventually partners. I am amazed at how much time Jeanette spends on the
phone talking to interested buyers and it doesn't matter if they buy a puppy or not she
excellent care. The dogs are kept in the house and raised with a loving hand. Jeanette
hardly has time for herself as she is always helping others. Jeanette and Tom are very
caring people and honest as the day is long. I would recommend Little Friends to any
puppy buyer in complete confidence they would get A 1 results.


Deak and I have known Tom and Jeanette for many years.  Jeanette was licensed by The
State of Florida and    The Federal Government to rehabilitate wildlife.  Jeanette owned
and operated Big Bird Rehabilitation Center, Inc. Game and Fresh Water Commission.  
She worked closely with The Museum of Science and The Audubon Society in The
Hialeah/Miami area.  She was on call twenty four hours a day working with seven
different Police Department and The Humane Society in the Dade County and Broward
County areas to save wild life.  
Tom and Jeanette where licensed with The Delta Association along with their therapy
pig, Grunt.  They used to take Grunt to Convalescent homes to cheer people up.

Jeanette & Tom had a game farm license to be able to keep Skater, the smallest deer in
North America (Muntjac).  They have horses and birds.  They really love their animals
and give them the best of care and love
Jeanette & Tom have always been their for Deak and I.  They both have helped with our
dogs and our son Glenn.  You won’t find more honest caring people than Tom and


Dear Tom & Jeanette:
she was raised with lots of love and attention.  Also thank you for being there to answer
questions that arise, your commitment to us did not end with the sale of this puppy.  I
would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from you or recommend others to do so.

Dear Jeanette & Tom,

We had to write to tell you what a wonderful addition Boomer has been to our family. As
you know, we have two kids and our daughter is autistic and does not speak. We were
looking for a family pet that could be a therapy dog for her and withstand her antics and
handling. We tried the local shelters and even though we found a dog we thought was a
good match, we had to return her 5 days later. We have known you for more than 10 years
and knowing you had pups we contacted you to learn about Schnauzers. After speaking
with you,we decided to purchase Boomer. You made all the arrangements for shipping him
to NC and the kids couldn't wait for him to arrive. They wanted to come to the airport but
the plane was coming in too late for them to be out. They waited up for us to return home.
Boomer ran up to our son and immediately jumped up on his hind legs and his little nubby
tail was wagging a mile a minute! Our daughter was a little hesitant at first,but within an
hour she was all over this dog. Since that day Boomer and our kids have been inseparable.
We often find our daughter lying with her head on Boomer's side talking to him. He is very
gentle with her and does not seem to mind her tugging at his legs and whiskers. We are
mindful of her handling and she is learning to be gentle with him. He also alerts me when
her school bus arrives in the afternoon. I can open the door and tell him "Watch for ...." and
he will sit behind the screen door and start to bark and wag his nubby tail when the bus
pulls into our street.

There is something about animals and kids with speech issues that we thought was a
myth,but we have witnessed it and are now believers in that special connection. We have
seen her talk to Boomer and in turn improve her communication with us. Boomer has been
a blessing and we cannot thank you enough. Boomer came to us over Easter weekend and
it will be an Easter my kids will never forget!

John & Rosemarie

Hi Tom and Jeanette:

I just want to let you know that our new little salt and pepper schnauzer is doing great.  He
has been established with our vet and the vet says he is healthy…..not that we would have
thought otherwise.  We are leaders.  He is still very laid back, which is one the reasons we
picked him from the litter.  He has quite a personality that becomes very evident at feeding
time.  As soon as the dog food comes out, he starts barking orders to hurry things along.  
We have started training him to be on a lease, but it is not his favorite thing.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to have another schnauzer.  While we still really miss
our previous schnauzer, he has lessened the pain.  We have named him Durango.  His
weight as of Monday was 9.6 pounds.

Bruce and Charlotte
sebring, FL  33875

Hi Jeanette,

I say this with a very heavy heart  that I won't be able to take the little black girl.  My husband and I
were talking and when we were talking about the price of the puppy and shipping and all the things that
would be needed for the pup, he thought that was way too much money to pay for her.  So, it looks like
I'm going to have to pass her up, which is very hard to do.  But I do want to thank you for all your time
and consideration.  Boy do I have a pit in my stomach because of this.  You were very kind and gave me
alot of information and I really appreciate the kind of breeder that you are.  So, I guess you get to keep
the little lady for yourself.  She is a beauty.  

Blessings to you, fine lady,